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15 Owen Street, Napier South, 10.30am


Pre-church prayer starts at 9.45 am – 10.00 am, we gather together to pray for many topics and for our up and coming service.

About : Napier Elim Church – Services


Every Sunday morning 9.45 am – 10 am we have an active prayer meeting for Team Oasis. This is active prayer with background music and we are walking around and all praying at the same time. The purpose of this prayer meeting is to welcome in the presence of God and prepare our hearts for God to move


Every Sunday morning 10 am – 10.25 am we are here to encourage, lift, support, and welcome everyone who comes through the door.

FIND YOUR SEATS – 10.25 am
At 10.25 am we encourage you all to take your seats and be ready and expectant for a fantastic time of worshiping God and hearing the Word.

CHURCH SERVICE STARTS – 10.30 am                  


– You don’t want to miss our worship, our worship is something special

Preaching / Teaching

– We have a preaching/teaching team. The senior leader is the main preacher/teacher but every 2 – 3 weeks you will hear from someone else in our team 

Communion – We have communion on the 1st Sunday of every month in our church service but encourage smallgroups to do this too


MEET AND GREET OVER A TEA / COFFEE.                 – 12 PM – 12.30 PM – Stay for a cup of tea/coffee and spend some time chatting and getting to know someone 

GROWTH TRACK STARTS UPSTAIRS: 12.15 PM ( For all our new people )

We encourage everyone to go through our Growth Track. 4 weeks of classes, upstairs in our Growth Track room straight after our church service. Repeated each month from February – November 

Growth Track




Ps. Bruce and Julie Collingwood

lThe pioneering senior pastors 

Napier Elim Church was planted by Ps. Bruce and Julie Collingwood when God gave them the vision to start a church in Napier City. The first service was held in what was the Wycliffe Intermediate School on Wycliffe Street, on the 23rd of January 1999. In addition to Sunday morning ministry, over the years the church has grown to support a wide range of ministries including an annual international mission trip, regular outreaches, a full range of small groups including Lifegroups, Connect Groups, and Service groups that cater for everybody. 

Napier Elim Church is a  contemporary relevant city and community church. We are just one, of many Elim Churches, spread throughout New Zealand and around the world. Our church is made up of people of all different ages and stages, cultures, and backgrounds – all coming together to worship God, grow in our faith and relationships, and serve our community.

What Should I wear? 
We are a contemporary church and dress in an informal manner. Our minister will not be in robes. We are more concerned about you being comfortable and relaxed than the clothes you wear, so come as you are!

What do we do? 
We believe your relationship with God is important.  We endeavor to present our services in a creative and fresh way that encourages you on your journey to know God. Our services have contemporary music and relevant teaching. If you have school-aged children, they will be looked after and have fun.

On the 1st Sunday of every month, we celebrate communion. This is simply a time to remember the sacrifice of Christ. Our services also include an opportunity to give financially, which we call tithes and offerings.

What is our Music Like?
We are a contemporary church with modern music. While we value our Christian heritage which includes songs from the centuries before, we appreciate that different people like different types of music. You will enjoy this time in the service!  During music time, many people will stand, sing, and raise their arms. This is a way that some people like to express themselves. If you feel comfortable, feel free to join in or simply stay seated, and just enjoy the music.

Do you have to do anything?
You are our valued guest. Please sit back, relax, and enjoy your time with us. After the service, we would love to connect with you over morning tea, which is provided for all after the service.

Each service we endeavor to provide an opportunity for people to become Christians.  A Christian is simply a follower of Christ.  At the end of most services, we might invite anyone that would like to make this commitment to do so.  During this time, if you would like to make that commitment, we will ask that you stand as an acknowledgment of your commitment.  If you do make this decision you may be asked to go into a room with our evangelist to have a brief discussion and pray for you. If you have made that commitment for the first time, we would love to meet with you at the end of the service and answer any questions you may have. If you do not feel ready to make that commitment, that is fine, please enjoy yourself.  


We acknowledge God as the ultimate leader and supreme authority over Napier Elim Church and the Elim movement as a whole, including over this local Elim Church.

God has all wisdom, all power, all knowledge, all truth, and all of everything else that is positive and good. We seek His input and direction for everything we want to do and for every decision we need to make.

We are a growing multi-cultural Pentecostal Christian church that seeks to help people holistically.

We are aiming to become a church of 500+

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Our Mission : Reach, Restore, Represent