About "The Oasis" Church

The Pioneering Senior Leader

The Collingwood Family

Our Leadership Structure:


We acknowledge God as the ultimate leader and supreme authority over the elim movement as a whole, including over this local Elim Church.

God has all wisdom, all power, all knowledge, all truth and all of everything else that is positive and good. We seek His input and direction for everything we want to do and for every decision we need to make.

Elim National Leadership Team [ N.L.T.]

This team is led by the Elim National Leader, who is voted on by the rest of the N.L.T. The N.L.T. is made up of six members, all of whom are Senior Leaders / Pastors of their own Elim Churches. They are voted on by the rest of the Elim Pastors at our Business Conference, for a three year term. Each member carries a portfolio.

The role of The Elim N.L.T, is to carry out the business of the Elim Movement and to act as an overseeing body, that brings safety and accountability to Elim Pastors. This includes doing church checks periodically and helping sort out problems that canít be resolved by the local church Senior Leadership Team.

"The Oasis" Church - Senior Leadership Team [ S.L.T.]

This team is led by the Senior Leader, who is appointed by The Elim N.L.T. It is his job to select and appoint his own S.L.T. from members of the congregation and then together, they are to spiritually lead this local church with Godís help. The S.L.T. are not necessarily elders, unless they have gone through the process of being selected as elders in line with the Elim Constitution, and approved to be Elders by The Elim N.L.T. The S.L.T. is made up of Elders and Non Elders and together they are the local church oversight.

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God Bless you and we hope to see you soon.