Follow Up Care

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Fortnightly on Tuesdays from 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm

Our C.A.R.E. Team is led by Ps. Steve Trolove and is mostly a team of volunteers from our church who have a heart to care for others.

The focus of this C.A.R.E. Team is to follow up new people that come to our church and to primarily care for Napier Elim Church family, including people who are on the fringe of our church.

The goal is to make it easy for new people to feel love and connection with our church and to lift and encourage people who are going through challenging times.

Make sure that all our 1st time visitors get our welcome home card when they come to our church service and let them know to put the completed form into The Napier Elim Church Postbox in our main entrance as they come into church.

Our welcome team are the main ones who give new visitors one on their way in.

This is super important as all of them are important and we want to take care of them well and take the time to acknowlege their visit with us or help them find a church family easily.

Our Mission : Reach, Restore, Represent