Senior Leadership ( S.L.T.)


Napier Elim Church – Senior Leadership Team [ S.L.T.]

This team is led by the Senior Leader, who is appointed by The Elim N.Z.  National Leadership Team. It is his job to select and appoint his own S.L.T. from members of the congregation and then together, they are to spiritually lead this local church with God’s help. The S.L.T. are not necessarily elders, unless they have gone through the process of being selected as elders in line with the Elim Constitution, and approved to be Elders by The Elim N.L.T. The S.L.T. is made up of Elders and Non-Elders and together they are the local church oversight. Currently, this team leads and manages this church.

The Team :
– Ps. Bruce Collingwood – Senior Leader
– Julie Collingwood – Worship
– Ps. Steve Trolove – Discipleship ( Assistant Pastor )
– Kevin Simpson – Evangelism

God Bless you and we hope to see you soon.

Our Senior Leadership Team from left to right. Kevin Simpson, Ps. Bruce Collingwood ( Senior Leader ) , Julie Collingwood, Ps Steve Trolove ( Assistant Pastor )

Our Leadership Support Team – From left to right. Diane Little, Kevin Little, Julie Collingwood ( Also on S.L.T. ) and Will Jenkins ( Leader )


Our next level of leadership is called the Leadership Support Team and they have the mandate of supporting the Dream Team Leaders.

Their purpose is to encourage, equip, pray and support Dream Team leaders, so they feel encouraged, inspired and supported in their leadership journey.

This team is led by Will Jenkins and he is supported by Julie Collingwood and Kevin and Diane Little.

Our Mission : Reach, Restore, Represent