To be a church where nobody stands alone.

This is a place where your spiritual walk
meets everyday life, and 
we do life together.
The Power of Smallgroups U.Tube :
Small groups are the primary place where

pastoral care takes place.

Wherever we are in the world, as soon as we commit ourselves to God He becomes our Father and we become part of His worldwide family, as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Every local Christian church is a smaller unit within that huge world-wide church, which means every person who is committed to Napier Elim Church becomes part of God’s church here.

 Having a happy and healthy church is a very important priority for us.

But at the same time, we want to significantly impact the city of Napier,

 by growing and establishing a strong city church.

None of us can build close relationships with more than about ten or twenty people, so the way for us to be able to care and grow at the same time, is to have smaller groups within Napier Elim church, meeting regularly together as well.

People so easily get lost or even hide in a large group of people, so to ensure that you are a happy and healthy member of “ Napier Elim Church  “ family and that you are being pastorally cared for / looked after well in this church and that as many of your needs as possible [ practical, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, other ] are being met, it’s very important for you to not only get involved in but to be committed to a Small Group, which also involves you helping to meet some of the needs of others in your group too.

This is what will make you feel like
you belong in The Napier Elim Church family

This is where you will really be able
to cultivate and build close, quality, genuine, deep and lasting relationships with other people in Napier Elim Church.

 Doing Life together means we share our joys and struggles, our spiritual insights and challenges, our fears and hopes, with a small group of others. Together we change and grow, keeping Jesus front and centre. We grow, and plant other groups, to extend God’s life-changing influence across our communities.

* We have all Types of Small groups:
* These groups have a culture and a focus.
What defines a Smallgroup @ Napier Elim Church ?
Even a practical ministry team such as the cleaning team or hospitality team can be a Smallgroup at our church if they apply E.S.P.N. each time they meet.

Our Mission : Reach, Restore, Represent